The Beachcomber


The Beachcomber is a handmade beach-lover’s dream!  The crystal clear glass is reinforced and decorated with individually attached striped ceramic tiles with a mirror glaze.  The rim is encircled with creamy white twine and adorned with a matched seashell.  Just being in its presence, you can hear the waves.  This would make the perfect seaside candle collection!

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The Beachcomber has a water capacity of 7.5 fl oz and we recommend a 5.5 oz wax fill weight. They are boxed and sold individually.

To see specifications, scroll down to the Additional Information section below.  (The first two lines list shipping dimensions and weight for shipping calculations, and includes packaging/bubble wrap.)

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Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 4.125 × 4.125 × 4.75 in


Vessel Material

Ceramic, Glass, Other

Volume (Water Fill Capacity)

7.5 fl oz

Vessel Outside Top Rim Diameter

2.5 inches

Vessel Outside Diameter (Bottom/Base)

2.125 inches

Vessel Weight, not including lid (if any)

8.7 oz

Vessel Height

3.375 inches

Lid available?



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