Ruby Lantern



Deep red rubies.? That’s what you see when you gaze into the clear glass of the Ruby Lantern.? Rich blood-red rubies glow, and so does the Ruby Lantern, a perfect partner for candles filled with passion.

The Lantern Collection comes in a variety of colors, some clear and some with a mercury-silvered interior.  These straight-sided glass jars are easy to wick and affordably gorgeous.  Their half-cup capacity makes the Lantern the perfect travel candle, sampler, or souvenir! The outer side walls are engraved with intricate floral patterns that are echoed on the matching embossed silicone-rimmed metal snap lids, included with every vessel.  The Lantern will perfectly amplify the glow of your candle flame.

The Lantern Collection has a capacity of 4 fl oz but we recommend a wax fill of 3.5 oz.  These jars are sold individually.  Each Lantern vessel includes both jar and lid.  To see specifications, scroll down to the Additional Information section below.  (The first two lines list shipping dimensions and weight for shipping calculations, and includes packaging/bubble wrap.)

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Additional information

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 in


Volume (Water Fill Capacity)

4 fl oz, 4.5 fl oz

Vessel Material

Glass, Metal

Vessel Inside Top Rim Diameter

2.1875 inches

Vessel Outside Top Rim Diameter

2.87 inches

Vessel Outside Diameter (Bottom/Base)

2.875 inches

Vessel Height

2.0625 inches

Vessel Wall Thickness (inches)

0.125 inches

Vessel Weight, not including lid (if any)

4.45 oz

Lid available?

Yes (included)

Lid Material

Metal, Silicone

Lid Weight (no vessel)

0.4 oz

Lid Top Diameter

2.875 inches

Lid Inside Bottom Diameter

2.5625 inches

Lid Height (above vessel)

0.0 inches

Lid Depth (inside vessel)

0.0 inches

Total Lid Height (no vessel)

0.3125 inches


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