Rose Gold Marilyn



Some people think “pink gold” is the best of all precious metals. Rose Gold would agree. The recent popularity of rose gold surprises no one, least of all Rose Gold Marilyn. Content and secure, the Rose Gold Marilyn goes well with any environment, any home decor scheme, and is a favorite with everyone. House your feminine and sophisticated candles in Rose Gold!

The thick walls of the Marilyn are encased in a hexagonal exterior pattern which creates dazzling reflections that show off the metallic or iridescent finishes both inside and out.  Everything is topped with the included matching loose-fit starburst lid.  These luxury glass vessels exude quality and solid construction.  Our exclusive metallic colors were specified here in the USA by Ai, and prepared especially for us!  Your customers will not want to toss these vessels–they are a work of art on their own and simply beg to be upcycled as a trinket box or display piece after being enjoyed as your candle vessel.

The Marilyn Collection has a water fill capacity of 14 fl oz, but we recommend approximately 12.5 oz of wax.

To see specifications, scroll down to the Additional Information section below.  (The first two lines list shipping dimensions and weight for shipping calculations, and includes packaging/bubble wrap.)

Purchasing Marilyn vessels in single-color case quantities (24 per case) gives you a 4% discount and FREE SHIPPING within the continental 48 states!

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Additional information

Weight1.7 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 5 in


Volume (Water Fill Capacity)

14 fl oz

Vessel Material


Vessel Inside Top Rim Diameter

3.5625 inches

Vessel Outside Top Rim Diameter

3.875 inches

Vessel Outside Diameter (Bottom/Base)

3.875 inches

Vessel Height

4.125 inches

Vessel Wall Thickness (inches)

0.1875 inches

Vessel Weight, not including lid (if any)

16.75 oz

Lid available?

Yes (included)

Lid Material


Lid Weight (no vessel)

6.05 oz

Lid Top Diameter

3.9375 inches

Lid Inside Bottom Diameter

4.5 inches

Lid Height (above vessel)

0.625 inches

Lid Depth (inside vessel)

0.125 inches

Total Lid Height (no vessel)

0.6875 inches


Single vessel with lid, Case of 24 vessels & lids


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