About Us

Me with the first shipment of vessels!

Who’s running things?

My name is Ai Ling Chow. I’m the founder of Februaryfour Trading, and I’m also a candlemaker (Painted Lantern Candles). I’ve been making candles in some fashion or other for a few years now. If you live in the Denver metro area, you may have seen me at craft fairs! Like all my other businesses, Februaryfour Trading is currently run out of my home.

Why does Februaryfour Trading Exist?

Chandlers First

I’m a chandler who happens to think candle vessels should be decorative. There wasn’t much variety in the US candle vessel market and I couldn’t find vessels that fit my needs.

Community First

The greater candle-making community has trouble sourcing more elaborate and decorative candle vessels. Available vessels are often out of stock or greatly backordered, and there’s a lot of uncertainty about when vital supplies might be received.

Service First

Colorado doesn’t currently have any candle supply stores. The nearest candle suppliers are too far to drive to within a single day. The Rocky Mountain region needs a community supplier.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Februaryfour Trading is currently being run out of my home in Aurora, Colorado. Pickup is by appointment only–we are NOT a drive-up walk-in business!


(720) 454-7351 (Google Assistant screened)