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Premium Glassware Candle Vessels

Unless otherwise noted, all vessels listed are in stock and ready to be shipped! We also offer pickup appointments in Aspen Grove, Littleton, CO. Masks are required for pickup!

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The Classic Vessel - Lid Off

The Classic

Tried and true, this 16oz tumbler with included wooden lid could be the foundation of your entire line.

Introducing the Lantern Collection

The Lantern Collection

These half-cup jars make the perfect travel candle, sampler, or souvenir! Every one of them comes with a gorgeously embossed silicone-rimmed metal lid.

The Beachcomber

The Mosaic Collection

Every tumbler in the Mosaic Collection is decorated by hand for carefully crafted elegance. If you’re looking to upgrade from a jelly jar, check these beauties out!

Shadowfire Blue, Inside Horizontal

The Shadowfire Collection

Light a candle poured in a Shadowfire and watch the beautiful–and exclusive!–patterns shine through. These thick and sturdy tumblers boast a gorgeous metal electroplated interior housed in a richly colored frosted exterior. Shadowfire vessels come in both single-wick and three-wick sizes, with well-fitting wooden silicone lids to complete the look. Elevate your customers’ experience with our exclusive Shadowfire collection, designed and specified by Ai.

The Marilyn Collection

Like their namesake Marilyn Monroe, these vessels are head-turning stars that’ll steal the show. The hexagonal embossing creates dazzling reflections that show off metallic or iridescent finishes both inside and out, and everything is topped with a matching starburst lid. Marilyn’s exclusive metallic colors are crowd-approved and we won’t stop until we have a veritable rainbow always at your fingertips!

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